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Lina (STRET Student) reached the finals at Social Impact Award- VOTE FOR HER IDEA

We all know young people are the future, but they are also agents of change in present times. The news of the year 2017 are that our STRET student Lina Ivanova from SUGS “Rade Jovcevski Korcagin” (Macedonia) is competing in the Finals at the Social Impact Award Macedonia 2017. Her green Social Business idea is titled “GG-Grid from Gym”. Read more on her idea, and how to support Lina by voting.

” GG or Grid from gym is an alternative gym which produces energy. This project includes help for a lot of families who don’t have enough incomes for paying their electricity bills. I’m introducing a gym place which is full with exercise machines that are specialized for producing energy. The equipment harnesses human energy and converts your work out to electricity. The produced energy will be given to the companies that are responsible for producing and distributing electricity and in return we don’t want money. What we want is a reduction on the electricity bills for the social families mentioned before. GG will have impact on the community by raising the awareness for helping others and by protecting the environment.”– states Lina Ivanova.

Lina explains that with little devotion and innovation an impact on social level and on the environment can be done. Her idea goes beyond social entrepreneurship because she also promotes healthy lifestyles. The message she wants to send to the young people that might struggle later on with obesity and to the local communities in Macedonia “Turn your calories into watts!”.

On 21st of September in Skopje, as part of the 10 Finalist Lina held the final presentation, and received many comments and question form the jury. Her presentation style was clear, and you can see how communication skills are best learned by practice. We are super-proud to see this 17 year old teenager rocking her way among strong competitive young brains from the country. You can watch the livestream video from the Finals at this link, and get more info at our Facebook page .

Supporting young people and encouraging them to think of future social businesses is crucial, especially when they are at age when they set values and learn about entrepreneurship. Lina is 17 years old, and her idea came as inspiration from the project. You can support her by voting  on this link
How to vote?  
1st step: Check out the videos of all finalists and put your three favorites in the ballot box (there is a button ADD on the videos) . *You must add three teams in order continue with your voting
2nd step: Register yourself with one of the social medias.
3rd step: Share the team, you have voted for, with your friends.

The mission of the Social Impact Award (SIA) is to offer to young people and students one entrepreneurial journey that will make social difference.  Established by the Erste Foundation, Impact Hub Vienna and Vienna University of Economic and business in 2009, SIA promotes the knowledge and practice the social entrepreneurship among youth in Europe.  The program achieves its mission by raising awareness about social entrepreneurship, offering an educational program, giving access to peers and professionals and directly supporting the most promising ventures. Find more info at 

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