STRET Croatia students visited SE Demetra


Goddess Demetra is widely known from Greek mythology. She is a goddess of earth, fertility, and farming but mainly of wheat. Demetra d.o.o. actually used the goddess’s name to symbolize the natural way of producing their goods. Their natural baked products are appreciated all over Primorsko-goranska county.

Demetra d.o.o. is a social enterprise that started as the response to the need for healthy homemade bread on the market.

When Demetra started Ranko and Milena were the only people employed. Today they also employ their son and daughter and two other people.

Baker and CEO of Demetra is Ranko Lipovščak. The genius behind this company explained how he has turned his dream into reality. Although Ranko was a professional actor, his heart led him to baking. He tried to make great products from basic ingredients, which are water, flour, and salt. For sweetness he used raisins. Simplicity was the reason for his success. Unlike big producers,  he didn’t use substances for the color of his bread.  He started by giving bread to his friends, and as they were amazed by it he decided to continue with his idea. After some time he started gaining money and saw an opportunity for his business. He gradually increased production and more and more people recognized Ranko’s work, and the voice began to spread. There was a difficulty in getting ingredients (homegrown, not industrially treated – flour, yeast) needed for both production and finance. With the help of his wife Milena, Ranko managed to bring his products to small local shops. Today he is in stores like Gardens, Bio Bio, and more than 60 locations in 4 Croatian counties. The other goal is to spread his products at the national level and he only wants to sell his goods at organic stores and fairs. They opened Demetra’s green corner where they organize farmers’ market, workshops, yoga, arts and dance classes. All products are organic and natural, besides bread they sell croissants. Their profits go into the supply of food and the company is self-sustainable. Demetra d.o.o is just one example of how reliable business can emerge from the idea, even though the beginnings are not that easy. Branko and Milena hope that Demetra will expand and help the community even more by offering all types of activities for a small price.



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