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High-school students from Macedonia, Croatia and Lithuania fundraised through Silent Auction of philanthropic photos”

The STRET Gala Fundraising Event –Silent Auction of Philanthropic Photos was held on Friday, 4-th of May, at the Telekom Innovation Center in Skopje. The visitors were bidding for the student photos that were part of the campaign “Kindness Is all around us, we just need to recognize it” coming from the cities of Skopje, Rijeka and Radvisliskis. The money gathered through the sales will be further topic of discussion among students who will further need to decide where they are going to donate or reinvest the money, by incorporating the principles of strategic donations and sustainability on which they learned throughout the project.

At the Gala Event philanthropic stories and stories on social responsibility were shared by representatives from the Private Sector, Social Enterprises and philanthropists. “True acts of kindness”, “Ohridska Banka AD Skopje”, “Lice v lice (Public)” and the green startup “Food for everyone” spoke on their contribution on “doing good for the society”. The Eco-Illusionist Kristian Shopov had short performance doing edutainment magic tricks and sharing messages to the youth that sometimes the formula for successful start-up is having innovation, good idea, and good heart.

At the Event Irina Janevska from ARNO (STRET project coordinating organization) stated:
„ In the past 2 years we have worked a lot with the students coming from 3 different countries, we discussed social entrepreneurship, the role of private sector, the role of education… What we have learned is that young people definitely need contemporary skills but they also need wider views. Thus, by offering them all the concepts of (ethical, responsible, social) entrepreneurship, new business models, real examples, we yet again came back to the start where we found out that the common denominator and end point is Philanthropy, or the desire to help the other. “

The Event was addressed by Mr. Dejan Zlatkovski from the National agency for European educational programs and mobility who stated:
„ The project addresses a topic of a prominent European dimension and faces challenges crucial
to our educational system, which is “How to create better entrepreneurs, and moreover, how can they become responsible entrepreneurs?” We sincerely believe that the results of this project will influence the improvement of policies within the frames of the defined strategies and will contribute to the creation of new curricula with improved quality based on European experiences. “

The Photos that were exhibited at the Silent Auction can be viewed here. The Event photos are available at this link.

Here you can read some statements from the project participants:

Karla Mihic (Student, Croatia) “ STRET project connected three different nations and their cultures. It was a great opportunity to improve our language skills and widen our vocabulary. Now I know how to say thank you on Lithuanian and Macedonian language. This experience showed how important it is to educate us, young people and students, for our future. In my everyday education I was not able to gain practical experience which I got here. After this project I am able to do phone marketing, organize competitions, organize events, start my own social enterprise and find a solution in every problem. I will remember all people I meet in Rijeka, Radviliskis and Skopje and hopefully meet them again.”

Luka (Student, Macedonia) “ I like this project a lot because I learned how to work in team, respect the others and speak in public. Also, I met new people from other countries.”

Vaida Jankuniene (Lithuania, teacher) “ Our school participates in some international projects. STRET project was new for us, because we knew very little about social entrepreneurship and social enterprises. Today we can explain what they are . Students learned a lot of new and useful things. During project, they became more self-confident, activities shaped positive, creative, critical thinking.”

Lucija Bistrovic (Student, Croatia) “ First i have to thank my teachers Padavic and Bozic for recognizing the potential in me because that’s the main reason why am i talking about STRET project now. I always wanted to help people and the project gave me the opportunity to learn how. In addition, i met amazing and interesting people from Macedonia and Lithuania, i learned everything about social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, i practiced public speaking and giving interviews on the local radio and national TV and also i gained skills in working under pressure. I really hope that i will use this knowledge in my future professional life”

Rugile (Student, Lithuania)” STRET project provides students a chance to know more about CSR and SE’s .Personally I gained a lot of experience and new skills. Also I found new friends and had a lot of fun. The best part of the project was to travel to Macedonia. It gave me a chance to see new culture. Actually, I fell in love with Skopje, its people and overall Balkan culture. Thank you STRET.”

Tatjana Golcheva (Teacher, Macedonia) “I find this project STRET very useful for this young generation and honestly I belong to the let’s say middle-aged population I achieved a lot of knowledge of social entrepreneurship. I am happy as well as my students too and I hope our partners from Croatia and Lithuania. Make future better not only in the field of business and money but also in charity, human relations and social entrepreneurship.”

Vedrana (Student, Croatia):” Project STRET has started as an idea for students like me to study more about entrepreneurship and starting companies for helping society. As a teenager I did not understand and it has not been important to e but after a project became part of my everyday life. Learning in non-formal way with games really improved my focus and knowledge. Besides doing everything alone we had a really big support and help from our teachers. We are working on several projects in our school and started big changes as well (mini eco garden, virtual companies). We got to know different cultures and I am very grateful to trainers, teachers and most of all my friends.”

Sanja Padavic (Teacher, Croatia) “ I have always enjoyed helping people-that is why I became a teacher. Being able to share this feeling with the students makes STRET great. I hope that our students will build their future on the idea of social responsibility. I am proud of enthusiasm, creativity, initiative and hard work that STRET people have shown.”

The project Students Today-Responsible Entrepreneurs Tomorrow (STRET) aims to upgrade existing programs for entrepreneurship in the schools, by promoting the concepts of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility, and teaching young people about new business models of social enterprises. Within the project, students from the subjects Innovation and entrepreneurship from the three high schools in Macedonia (Rade Jovchevski Korchagin “- Skopje), Croatia (” First Dry Gymnasium “- Rijeka) and Lithuania (” Lizdeikos “-Radviliskovis) through the method of” learning by doing “form virtual student companies with a department for CSR or create virtual social enterprises, while at the same time map the companies that have a positive influence in their communities. The project is coordinated by the Organization for Social Innovation “ARNO” in partnership with the schools of the three countries and the NGO “Out of the Box” from Belgium .The project is funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus + program

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