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STRET Teacher Toolkit Second Meeting

The second meeting from the STRET Teacher Toolkit was held on the 25-26nd of May in Rijeka. The meeting was devoted to the production of the first IO –Review of Current State of Teaching Entrepreneurship with embedded CSR and SE concept .The main goal of this intellectual output was to explore the current Situation on entrepreneurship education in highs schools, training and Teacher initiatives around entrepreneurial competences. Each of the Partners did desk review of current practices, policies and collected 3 Good practices/case stories from their own country. By exploring previous experiences, the partners gather documents and tools already tested and available for wider use to start thinking on How to best incorporate the topics of CSR, SE and the virtual companies Practice.  The desk research will be useful to set the ground on which to Develop the next IO “teacher toolkit”. This IO will produce outcomes and detect local practices. The IO will be a Solid structure of a review that will be delivered to experts and teachers that will be involved in the second and third phase of the Project: Development of teacher toolkit and policy recommendations.

The meeting was full of two-day discussion with all partners. Notes and remarks will be used to improve the content and move to the next project activities.

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