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Macedonian Companies Doing Good:

In Macedonia  students from SUGS Gimnazija Rade Jovcevski Korcagin together with their teachers mapped Social Enterprises in Skopje and Kocani. Several participants from STRET project  visited a social responsible company in order to see real examples of companies with CSR. Here are student’s notes:

EVN Macedonia is a company which has power distribution and supply on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia as its primary activity. The Company entered the Macedonian market in 2006 as a part of the EVN Group and managed to grow into a strong established brand within a short period of time.The most important goal of EVN Macedonia is to provide for a reliable and high-quality power supply to the customers at competitive prices.

On 24.11.2017, a group of students from Rade Jovchevski Korchagin, along with professor Lidija Stojceva visited the company ‘Pakomak’. Pakomak is non-profitable company, founded in 2010, whose main goal is the management of packaging waste. Founders of the company are 11 leading manufacturing companies in Macedonia.

OKTA is the largest fuel supplier in the country. Their mission is tо offer top quality products and services in the energy sector, serving their customers in the domestic and regional markets with efficiency and innovation. They have many projects with CSR: Chance for life ,Young Leaders Project, Sponsorship for the international Symposium “Energetika 2016”, Financial support for establishment of Center for Autism, Donation of bicycles and helmets for the children in SOS Children`s Villages.

Another company they mapped is Paper Mill Kochani,  company with CSR deparement. Theirs main activity is recycling of waste cardboard and then manufacture cartons.

Galenius DOOEL  Skopje,Macedonia is a Socially Responsible Company, with main activity of production of cosmetics by employees who are disabled.

Lithuanian  Companies Doing Good:

1. “Mano guru” – It is a salad bar. This social enterprise company carries out activities that help addicted people to get back on their feet, find their way back to the community, reborn.The purpose of this company is to enable rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-addicts into society and the labor market.They help to gain some professional experience, motivate to get legal income, promote self-confidence and guarantee employment, create favorable conditions for the development of the community of former drug addicts, break down stereotypes.

2.”Cool Farm” – this is a community,which promotes healthy lifestyle and unites people of different age. They support young people, who wish to grow their harvest and for elderly people they give a chance to share their knowledge and their abandoned lands.They do blog posts, give an opportunity for volunteer gardeners to garden, make use of not usable land.They help  people, who lend their land, their community on the internet.

3. “Social taxi” – this is a company, which lets disabled people reach different places of the city independently. “Social taxi” picks a customer from his house and delivers the person to his final destination with a help to get in and get out of the taxi.They give personal time and energy, professional service.They also get professional development, social contribution.

4. „Social solutions“ – Social enterprises aim is to employee people, who have lost professional and general capacity for work, economically inactive, unable to compete on equal terms in the labor market.

Croatian Companies Doing Good:

There are a lot more examples of companies that have a certain percentage of their profits through donations or tenders investing in the community to make tax incentives. During the search for social enterprises, students searched on the internet, explored, talked to representatives of companies and wrote company reports. Some of the companies, companies and associations  contacted are: HEP, INA JGL, Street Lamps, Nature and Society, Smart Association, Alfa Albona, Pegaz, BioBio, What To, OPG Žmergo, Delta Association, Pik Rijeka, Manufaktura, CTK Cedra, Humana Čakovec, Ponikve Krk, Neos Osijek. We also  visited Demetra (bakery for organic bread). Demetra d.o.o. is a social enterprize that was started as the response to the need for healthy home-made bread on the market.

Here are some highlights:

HEP d.d. (Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d.) is national company with CSR department. HEP Group as a strong regional, modern and socially responsible company, recognized as an example of efficient energy generation and supply to customers. Their mission is to  provide secure and quality energy supply to customers, with a high degree of social responsibility.

HEP also support programs of donations and projects. Here are they best support programs :

Student award “IMAM ŽICU!”

Student award (for physics and mathematics) was established in 1995 as part of the celebration of the Century of Hrvatska elektroprivreda. Since 2005, when the award was named IMAM ŽICU!, it has been given to the best young electro technicians. The winners of HRK 2,500 of the prize money are all the students who win the first place at state competitions in mathematics and physics as well as the public presentation of papers in physics for the previous school year.  Since the establishment of the Award in 1995, HEP awarded 681 students with “IMAM ŽICU!”. For the project of awarding students 20x IMAM(o) ŽICU! HEP got a grand prix of the Croatian Public Relation Association for the best communication project in the area of socially responsible business in the year 2014.

For our little geniuses

Inspired by bad conditions of the classrooms for computer science, in 2015 HEP started an action of buying new computers for primary schools, in cooperation with the radio station Narodni radio. In this way we offer the youngest students the opportunity to get a better computer science education, as well as the opportunity to create new knowledge and success. In the first year HEP donated 30 new computers to nine primary schools and in 2016 it donated 70 computers.


Since 1998 HEP has been involved in the project carried out by the European Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), established by the Council of Europe. HEP is the sponsor-donor to the following eco-schools: Electromechanical school Varaždin, primary schools:  Konjščina, Ivo Lola Ribar from Labin, Vladimir Nazor from Pazin and to the kindergarten Cvrčak i mrav from Tribalj.

Hedona Ltd Chocolaterie is a Social enterprise from Križevci Croatia. The vision is: To produce quality products and to employ all the unemployed persons with disabilities in Križevci in the next 10 years. The mission is: Reinvesting profits to create new jobs and create lasting values, which are satisfied and motivated employees who work in a pleasant environment and produce the finest chocolate and pralines. The main business of the company is the production of chocolate and chocolate pralines. The company is presented on the domestic market for two years and what is different from all other companies is the fact that it is a social enterprise where most of the employees are disabled. The company is organized in such a way that it is primarily directed towards a socially beneficial good, as the well-being of every employee and the continuous development of both the employees and the company. All realized profits are reinvested in employees, in the development of their competences and their satisfaction, in the creation of new jobs and in the technological development of enterprises as well as in the addition of new activities.


Social Cooperative Humana Nova
 encourages the employment of the disabled and other socially-excluded persons through the production and selling of quality and innovative textile products made from ecological and recycled fabrics for the needs of the domestic and the foreign markets. Our products are the response to the actual needs of users. Each fiber of a product embeds the satisfaction and benefit of workers, cooperatives, Nature and community. In this way our Cooperative actively contributes to the sustainable development of the local community, diminishing of poverty and nature conservation. Humana Nova is a leader of the social entrepreneurship and has been recognized in the wider regional scope. The work of the cooperative has actively and directly contributed to the establishing of a tolerant society and has in turn helped the socially excluded persons and their families in enhancing their self-reliability and the quality of life.